What is ‘Applied Neurology’ and what does it have to do with stunts and action?

First a few words of introduction:
Movement is always driven by the brain. But before movement happens, the brain needs input through the senses (seeing, hearing, smelling, feeling, etc.). This information is then interpreted and processed in the brain, and creates an output. Outputs from the brain can be either movement, speech, thoughts or pain and other threat signals. 

By applying a neuro centric approach we target the initial input and processing stages directly and deliberately, as opposed to ALL output driven training systems.

To get the right power and look for an action scene, movement often needs refinement, in terms of accuracy, speed and strength. 

By assessing individual sensing & movement preferences and revealing personal challenges, we will shift your practice and development directly to what you actually need, rather than run you through standardised programs. This includes addressing your input systems or targeting specific brain areas, to stack sensory stimulus and shortcut the effort. Also enlarging the right kind of stamina to increase thresholds, build resilience and keep your performance as safe as possible. 

Your preparation time is valuable, so the better the foundation for any physical action, the smoother your run will be when things get tight. From my long standing experience as stunt coordinator I can tell you, they will. Our route enables you to achieve better training results sooner and make them more sustainable.

By applying neuro scientific approaches and tools, we choose the smartest way available today, to pick you up where you are, and guide your path towards your current performance goal. 

Don’t waste any time, be smart and make your preparation deliberate and goal driven! Get in touch: office@mazzotti-action.com or ring me.