Z-Health® Master Practitioner

I am proud to represent Z-Health® as a Master Practitioner and introduce this unique approach from the field of Applied Neurology, to the global stunt & entertainment industry ??

Thank you, Dr. Eric Cobb, Michael Golden, and the entire Z-Health performance team for developing such an intricate and expansive curriculum, covering a universe of knowledge, and offering the cutting-edge, hands-on ‘toolbox’ I was always looking for ??

The studies not only introduced many surprising solutions to the stream of questions even experienced movement coaches still have, but also made me humble by understanding and experiencing how I could recover my stunt-induced bashed body and brains myself, in a non-invasive or medication-driven, but instead smart and effective way ?

I am excited to support more performing artists and athletes, preparing and refining their performances or reinstating pain-free movement and guiding them to their next level ✨